Catalogue Section

Welcome to our on-line catalogue section. Here you will find a collection of all our product sheets. The most sheets are in printable *.pdf format. You may need Acrobat Reader v. 3.0 or higher to view it. You are authorized to print the sheets by yourself and distribute it.
A short general company presentation is added as *.pps file. Updates that are younger than 1 year are marked by red font color.

General company presentation (*.pps - file).

Facts about advanced optics solutions GmbH.

Products for telecommunication:

Common description of FBGs

FBG specifications

FBGs with athermal packaging

Active stabilized FBGs

Mechanically tuneable FBG, several versions

Tuneable FBG, OEM version

FBG for stabilizing of Laser Diodes

LED module 1550nm/1300nm for measuring FBGs

Switchable adapters for devices

Products for optical sensing

General description of the FBG monitoring systems

FBG based sensors for strain, temperature, and displacement and additionally specification sheets

Useful hints for applying bare fiber FBG sensors

FBG sensor for measuring vibrations at seismic events

OFS2000 paper regarding vibration measurement

LED module 1550nm/1300nm for measuring FBGs