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Advanced Optics Solutions is your competent partner for the design and production of fiber Bragg gratings and related components. We work on the fields of optical communications and fiber optic sensing. Founded in 1998 as a start-up, our expert's roots in fiber optics date back over 20 years now.
Our products represent the "state of the art" in both of our working fields: optical telecommunications and optical sensors. Based on faithful relations to all of our customers, AOS products are designed upon a simple principle: Creative, Considerate, and Cost-effective. Every product or solution is developed with the best cost/performance ratio.

Our support's main objective is to provide a complete and optimized solution for our customers. In the rare case that we will not be able to provide an optimal solution for your application we do our best to give you advise for alternative solutions based on our two-decade competence.

We are participating in the joint research and funding programs of the European Union, as well as in specific domestic funding programs ("SAB - Wir foerdern Sachsen").

Our headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany. Dresden is the capital of Saxony, 200km/120miles south of Berlin. For contacting us, please proceed to our contact section.

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