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Wavelength locking FBG

Features Application Packaging

A very common application of FBGs is the stabilization of DFB laser modules. They are applicable to pump lasers for EDFAs 980nm / 1480nm as well as for WDM mo- dules for the 1300nm / 1550nm band.

On demand we are able to pro- duce also wavelength lockers at custom wavelengths like 1064nm or 850nm, down to 800nm at this time, even with PM fiber.
The gratings can be designed for peak locking or for linear flank locking (see examples below).

  • EDFA pump laser wave­length locker
  • DFB laser stabilisation for WDM application
  • In-fiber resonators for RAMAN fiber lasers
  • Tuneable laser modules
The combination of wavelength locking FBGs with tunable setups or athermal packaging is also available.


Specification Premium Standard
Center wavelength (CW)
Insertion loss
Proof test
Minimum bending diameter
Operating Temperature

850nm locker Flank locker
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