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Ultra Narrow-band Optical Transmission Filter

Application Features Packaging

This device is your perfect choice to filter signals with a very low FWHM, down to 500 MHz in the optical domain. In opposite to standard FBG components, the module does not reflect any signals. Hence it can be used with laser applications without the need of an isolator.
  • Narrow band signal transmission
  • Brillouin scatter filtering
  • ASE suppression
  • Fiber laser mode separation
  • Single photon counting / quantum cryptography

  • Tunability +/- 0.24nm
  • Active wavelength stabilization
  • Cascading of two or more devices for multiple transmission lines
  • Extreme noise suppression <50 dB on request
  • Outstanding spectral stability

The Ultra narrow transmission filter allows to select signals with a narrow bandwidth, while reliably blocking any other spectral components.

Ultra Narrow filter black
Ultra Narrow filter silver

Specification Premium Standard
Line width (FWHM)
Insertion loss
Stability @ 10° .. 45°C
Operating Temperature
Max. input power

Spectrum example / Dimensions
Spectrum Dimensions table top
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