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Tunable FBG

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Tunable Fiber Bragg gratings are a valuable option for all applications that require flexibility in center wavelength (and/or frequency).

The tuning setup consists of me- chanical assembly where the FBG is applied to. The mechanics in- duces strain to the FBG, shifting its center wavelength homogen- uously and chirp free. The spec- tral shape of the grating can be specified as for the fixed FBGs, please use our specification sheet.

This time we offer 3 types of tunable FBG as standard: The PC controlled version and the OEM type are tuned by using an internal stepper motor. The OEM type requires a stepper driver.

The tunable FBGs are boxed and they can be equipped with a wide range of connectors.
As a special option we offer the devices equipped with switchable adapters, enabling you to clean and/or change your adapters easily.