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FBG Strain and Temperature Sensors

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Fiber Bragg grating sensors can be used for measuring strain or temperature. They are suitable for being embedded directly into materials, like concrete, resin, or composite, and they are working calbration free during their whole lifetime.

The center wavelength of the reflected light of the FBG shifts with respect to the grating´s temperature or strain state, providing a wavelength-coded information about those two values.

  • Long-term monitoring of civil structures, for instance bridges, dams, buildings, pipelines ...
  • Monitoring of strain or tem- perature under hazardous conditions
  • Geotechnics, vibration mo- nitoring, rock displacement measurement, seismic moni- toring, Earthquake forecast

Used as bare fiber sensors, FBGs do hardly irritate structures.

Bare FBG Sensor

Since the application requires it, packaged and assembled FBG sensors are available.

Specification Premium Standard
Side lobe suppression
Strain limit
Gauge factor
Operating Temperature

Working scheme / Spectral characteristics
scheme sensor spectrum
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